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Clinton Chronicles – Last Day In Office Pt. 1

Clinton Chronicles - Last Day In Office Pt. 1

An “old school” internet series I did in 2000 when all we had to worry about was Presidential bj’s and y2k. You can see other stuff I’ve done at my site ButterTV.com. And yes, that’s me as Paula Jones too. I’m proud of the fingernails.

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  • Nice and spicy

  • Des is gut

  • s s s s s s s s s s
    those S words!!!
    he likes them

  • funny al gore

  • too funny..

  • lets not send troops to iraq anymore,
    lets just send hillary to iraq and be
    raped repeatedly to death by the talibans
    and it should be televised under the
    heading of COMEDY.

  • “Bush is a leader, a fighter pilot and has freed 45 million people. Clinton is and was a pussy liberal just like you.”

    freed => fried

  • rofl its funny cuz the phone isnt connected to anything ;D

  • Dude. It’s comedy. You know, like “haha”. Get over yourself.

  • You’re obviously one of those Fox News lemmings. He reduced taxes for his fellow rich people, and business men. He increased terrorism and extremism around the world with his failed policies. People are more extreme now because of the injustices he has carried our again people around the world. His company is making money off of the war. And the dead in Iraq is now at 1 Million. I would rather be a tree hugging liberal than a reality denying “conservative”. Build a bridge and get over yourself.

  • saddam keeping in check… LOL BY USING FUCKING FEAR TACTICS OF KILLING 500,000 of HIS OWN PEOPLE.. OR GASSING FUCKING CITIES.. wtf is wrong with you liberals.. go drink up your kool-aid and apple sauce you sick fuck

  • actually, ush has helped average americans by keeping taxes down and protecting us from terrorists… your liberal tree hugging hippies want to raise taxes, make america a communist government and have hte american people have to fucking live by being supported by the governemnt 24/7.. wtf is wrong with you

  • That waz funny! LOL

  • Ricky Ricardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Al Gore voice is spot on, well done sir.

  • Thanks, home slice. Much appreciated.

  • Dude, seriously well done! Your comedic timing is right on, your impressions very skillful! Gonna go check out your site.

  • FREED 45 million people? Of course, that’s why they all want us OUT. That’s why they’re all scared shitless now to leave their homes cuz of the civil war that’s erupted that Saddam was keeping in check. That’s why torture has gotten worse there and women are being discriminated against. I would expect an adult man to be able to know this sort of stuff, but then again if you had the capacity for greater thinking you wouldn’t be a conservative.

  • Oh really, and which people are those? He also killed 655,000. People who still like Bush are the dumbest people on earth, this guy hasn’t done one thing that has helped the average American person. And with this whole neocon plan that they have for us, you’ll regret ever liking him in the future because they’ll turn America into a world like in the move V for Vendetta.

  • This….is the reason I am addicted to YouTube

  • Why don’t we the people get to ignore the Constitution the way Bush does, then we can re-elect Bill. We need a real president-not this weenie coward Bush.

  • Great stuff. I finally cracked up at 2:04 “Well, listen Al I gotta sign some laws and crap..”

  • “cock in a jews mouth” Wow. Beautiful, racist words there, smut1nz.

    Good thing for Monica Lewinsky that she didn’t end up amid those sexploitative, race-exploitative, pathetic teen-smut videos you shamelessly continue to maintain in your “favorites.”

  • great Vid on our first MTV president, Bill “Pee Wee Herman” Clinton

  • Clinton was the daddy.

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