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Underrated Rap Songs You Need To Listen To (September 2019)

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Intro: Ryster – Used To
Outro: Bryce Hase – i know u been stressed

Melvoni – Big Rocks (105k)
YNW BSlime – Hot Sauce (552k)
Jack Harlow – Rotten (EST GEE) (44k)
Saint JHN – 5 Thousand Singles (270k)
Aries – Blossom (367k)
Femdot – 94 Camry music (4.5k)
Trilla Venus – Pretty Hoe (2.2k)
Don Toliver – Issues (111k)
Rioo Cheeny – War Ready (1.5k)
NUGE – How You Feel (GPabloo) (2.2k)
Trigga Kane – Wounds (99) (2.4k)
Band Up – Cuatro (37k)
Hanzo – Frozen (9.2k)
Chavo- Had A Feeling (27k)
Skaiwater – Other Girls (2.3k)
Young Jasper – Cozy2x (54k)
Trilla Venus – Fell In Love (1.8k)
YSN Marlo – Stop Talkin (YSN Flow) (115k)
Sypski – Roxanne (MAJ, Kody Lavigne) (164k)
Aaron May – Dreams (126k)
Intensify, Champ T, 1990Bishop, Bray – Snowglobe (1.8k)
ViicFlair & 83 Babies – Go (32k)
Alo Bandz – Spazz Out (11k)
Ryster – la-di-da (405)
Jack Harlow – GHOST (105k)

I, Sam Aarons, run this Youtube channel Aarons and I make videos about underrated rap songs and unknown rap songs. I make a video titled underrated rap Songs You Need To Listen To every month. I I also used to make guess the rap songs videos and also created the big video “rap songs with the same name – Which is better?” And it’s part 2. I make underrated rap song videos to showcase underrated rappers and to give people rap songs to add to your playlist.

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