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The Narcissist Loses And Hits Rock Bottom When You Do This (Psychology Of Covert Narcissism)

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The Narcissist Loses And Hits Rock Bottom When You Do This (Psychology Of Covert Narcissism)

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  • Narc ology unscripted

    October 31, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    Join The Narc Bust'n Seal Team – https://www.patreon.com/LiveChatWithDaveAndEmpaths

  • Thank you Dave, the philosophy of this site is helping me, & this site gives me hope, & I think hope is important to healing…..

  • You're so cool. Thank you for words of inspiration to stay tough and righteous. 🤗 In my quest for self improvement, I've come to the realization that I still have to forgive. That is a very confusing concept for me at this point but I'm working on it. I thought I had forgiven. I was wrong. 🤔 I have definitely earned my Mrs. A.

  • I am so grateful to be out of my narcisstic marriage of 20+ years. He is now engaged to someone else and unfortunately she has a steep price to pay. I get to spend the rest of my life in authenticity and self love with no more toxic BS 🥰

  • It takes so much effort to do what they do. If they would just treat people normally they would have all of the validation they need for life.

  • So happy to find you. I had a narc relapse, and I had to start over from ground up. I found you, and my ears are more open. I can hear better now. Bless you.

  • I was Mrs.B & after the discard I Found your channel, learned all the in and outs & I did a 180 and became Mrs. A. – stick those hoovers in your ass bye felicia 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • I was Ms B. For 11 years. Until I started researching around year 8…it took me another 3 years to get out for good. He knew I was on to him and I knew he was triangulating me again towards the end. He asked me twice…"Are you gonna be with me FOEVER" I was still somewhat trauma bonded but waking up rapidly and I said "I'm trying to but you're not making it easy…i thought I had more time to work through things" and he angrily yelled at me…"I DON'T HAVE MORE TIME" …..and that's when I knew he had his back up plan waiting in the wing. About a month later we were done and within 6 months of our final ending she was living w him. Another 6 months later she was pregnant and they were married. I have been single for 4 years now. I just started dating someone a few months ago. And I'm taking my time!

  • I'm healing Amen!!

  • 😄 Madoff…ugh pray for me.

  • Hi, i am surrounded by a lot of narcissists and i don't know how to protect myself. I live in a multi racial society where minorities are looked down to. Its a still developping country, but those adults i am taking about are abusers. They act like kids or adolescents despite being grown ups. I have to deal with them because i need to earn a living.. but really its too abusive. What can i do?

  • Carissa Carissa

    November 1, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Dave is like a good hearted ken doll. His ex is a FOOL. She regrets it no doubt.

  • Narcissistic people are atheist… my brother married a woman that was a catholic so he converted over to a catholic. I was shacking my head when he converted because I knew it was all a lie. He’s a total narcissist and sure enough he set out to ruin her life. He got her to sell her house and then took the money for his own gain. This is his fourth marriage and my poor mother has had to go through watching all these woman get ruined by my narcissist brother.

  • Cheryl Hitchcock

    November 1, 2019 at 3:31 am

    iam a miss b not the greatesr. However iam going to b a A THANK YOU thank you i didnt no what a narcissist was, GOD BLESS DAVE

  • Merlyn Rose-Croix

    November 1, 2019 at 3:32 am

    I call my narc shanghai Lilly, becuase she shanghais other peoples feelings !!

  • So true

  • Cold blooded

  • I am misses A. I ended all contact,moved,changed my number,email, home address,got rid of every common contact we had. Blocked all mutual friends and family members on social media. They have tried everything to Hoover. And as soon as I hear of them hovering I shut it down by not talking to that person and not making any comments back to what ever it is they are telling me. They have told me all kinds of things. Like they wanted me to know they are hurt,really sick,told everyone that I’m divorced and my now husband is my second husband. Not true been married to the same person for 20+years. They have told ppl to tell me they are angry and don’t want to talk to me or that they know we are still connected spiritually. I don’t make any comments back to the ppl. They even tried to hire a psychic to reach out to me to heal our friendship through email since I have them blocked. They got a new facebook so they could Hoover me and as soon as I found out they had a new facebook I blocked them from there too. It’s been 7yrs since I talked to them. Their grandma died and they tried to reach out to family to see if I was going to go to the funeral. I told my family no and nothing else. And told my family again do not talk to them about me. If they ask about me tell them nothing and you don’t know. My family has been really supportive of me. I have never reached out to them. But they have many times had ppl reach out to me to try to fix things between us. I have gotten to the point where if ppl even start to talk to me about how much the Narc misses me I don’t even stick around I just walk away. I don’t give back any kind of emotion at all. I think they are finally giving up. I hope so its been 7yrs. I’m moving to another state. I’m moving 5states away. And only my family is getting our add. I already told my friends here because she has min pupated so many ppl in getting my info from them. So No one but my family is getting my address. I can’t wait to move. It will feel even more free than I feel now. Now it always feels like who is she going to manipulate into thinking that we still need to be friends or that she cares about me. My therapist told me she has a crush on me and that is why she is acting like a crazy ex instead of a friendship that just ended. I have never dated anyone crazy before. But she does act like a crazy ex stalking me in the shadows and I can’t stand her or it. But when I left. I got a new phone,new number,new facebook,blocked her from my new facebook,new address,moved to a different city. I did everything on my end that I could to end it. Only to have missguided church members try to give her my number. They are all blocked. I believe in God and forgiveness but I also believe in boundaries and this girl did not have any! She tried to get me to leave my husband. Was poisoning me with tea that caused many miscarriages that I only found out about after going to a therapist. I never want anything to do with her again. I tried for ten years to get pregnant and she threw my miscarriages in my face that she was causing. I hope she falls off a cliff. I didn’t even realize she was abusing me until my husband heard her come over to appoligize to me. He told me when she was done that-that was one fucked up apology she gave me. I didn’t realize it but she came over and basically said, I’m hear to say sorry but I don’t think you love me as much as I do you and I have been torturing myself trying to figure out what I did to you, I can’t eat,can’t sleep,I have been demonly attacked trying to protect you spiritually,YOU let your guard down AGAIN and I can’t figure out what I need to do to get you to love me as much as I love you! You have treated me terrible and I feel awful for feeling this way I am sorry. I was sobbing!!! Just sobbing. Not understanding what the hell just happen. She always says she’s there to apologize then talks to me like crap. My husband heard this and was like Hey, I think you need to go see a therapist. How long has she been apologizing to you that way. I said since we were 15yrs old. I was 29yrs old at the time. He said NO this is bullshit. She is perposly manipulating you. You need to go see someone and talk to someone. I did. And I never went back. He told me to Ghost her. I moved while she was out of town. Lol She was blistering angry, she tried to have other ppl reach out to me but as soon as I realized they were her flying monkeys I cut them off. Just found a flying monkey last month. Cut them off. I’m always amazed how far they will reach to try to contact you. But hiring a psychics to try to fix our relationship was a new crazy stalker low.

  • Good information. That ring light makes your eyes look weird. You should look into getting a small softbox.

  • Jacqualine Armstrong

    November 1, 2019 at 5:58 am

    @"Send them into isolation, for security and identity fraud" 👍💓👏👏👏👏

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